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  • pper came, f▓or I suddenly remembered my responsi▓bility about Charley, who had to be provided wit●h
  • supper; and my little partner seemed relu▓ctant to help me look for him.The rooms were▓ crowde
  • d and it was dreadful to roam around al●one looking for Charley, and when ●at last I found him
  • behind the door ▓he was crying; but, after I took his▓ hand and led him to the supper-room
  • with its be▓autiful cakes with a cupid on a wir▓e on top of each, and the dishes of ice-c●ream an






d cakes, and s

very happy ▓ones.Mamma enjoyed the return to the● social life of the city very much aft●er her long experience of co●untry life; and, of course, it w●as a joy to have her lovely daughter to i●ntroduce into society.My siste▓r was absol


ilver dis▓hes o

utely docile and di▓d just what mamma wanted her t●o do.She never had a wish about he●r own clothes, and no wonder, for mamma h●ad perfect taste and got everythin●g for her that was beautiful. About ▓this time I remember two little e▓xperiences

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of my own.My dear siste●r had always been willing to share her● high-post mahogany bed and beautiful room wit▓h me; but papa thought I should have my own ▓room, as I was old enough.So the ▓room ne

xt to hers was fitted up for me▓ and was just as pretty as c●ould be, with its own tall four-p▓oster and pretty chintz curt▓ains and with the bathroom attached.But still ▓I slept in Della’s room,

  • f candy and kisses, he soon recov▓ered.An
  • d I found that my litt●le beau had busied himself, while I was gone, ▓
  • getting three saucers of ice-cream and t▓hree slices of
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